The Conservative Union "For Fatherland and Freedom"/LNNK

Chairman of the Union - Mr. Roberts Zīle, MEP

The Political Party

Conservative Union "For Fatherland and Freedom"/LNNK was a right-wing conservative political party.

Until 2011, party united more than 1700 active members. Such membership placed it among the largest political parties in Latvia with a well-developed regional structure. The party had regional branches in all geographic parts of the country, as well as members abroad (Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, USA, Argentina).

The National Parliament

After the election of 11th Saeima (on September 17, 2011), the Parliamentary fraction National Alliance consisting of "For Fatherland and Freedom"/LNNK and All For Latvia have 14 mandates.

The 11th Saeima election programme of the National Alliance "All for Latvia!" - "For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK".