The 11th Saeima Election Programme in 4,000 characters

Our goal is to provide that Latvian citizens can live in Latvia where justice, safety and prosperity are ensured. This goal has brought together two national parties “All for Latvia!” (“Visu Latvijai!”) and “For Fatherland and Freedom”/LNNK (TB/LNNK) to form the National Alliance (Nacionālā apvienība).

Every resident of the Republic of Latvia who supports this goal is one of ours, regardless of their ethnicity.

We differ

  • The National Alliance (NA) is the only political force represented in the Saeima which strongly stands for the interests of citizens of Latvia and does not allow any partner of the Russian Kremlin to be present in the government of Latvia;
  • The NA is the only party who has received increasing public support since the previous elections in October 2010;
  • The NA is the only party in the Saeima which does not vote with raised thumbs or coloured cards. The NA does not impose compulsory voting to its members’ personal opinion and conscience;
  • The NA is a stable and predictable political party because it keeps its views and acts decisively for achieving its goals.  

Work performed

We believe that political parties should give their future promises by stating at first with a report on the work performed. Even when working in the 10th Saeima in opposition and with a small representation, we have accomplished many of the tasks of our programme. Just a few of such success stories are as follows:

  • We have achieved that local governments distribute financial resources equally to all those families who want to use kindergarten services;
  • We have achieved that finally the Demographic Policy Subcommittee was created in the Saeima in order to work towards promotion of birth rate, repatriation of Latvian citizens from abroad and reduction of mortality rate;
  • We have achieved that in future higher fines will be imposed for the violations of the State Language Law. Also, following our proposal, the provisions stipulating the exclusion of those MPs from the Parliament who do not have command of the official language, have been introduced to Rules of Procedure of the Saeima;
  • Our proposal to rule against unjustified requests for the Russian language skills to job seekers, has been already approved in several readings in the Saeima;
  • We have ensured better public funding for national organisations of soldiers, partisans and the politically repressed persons. 

Our principles and tasks in the next Saeima


  • Latvian as the only tuition language shall be gradually introduced in primary and secondary education. National awareness and confidence shall be strengthened through the education. Opportunities to learn the Latgalian written dialect in all schools of the Latgale region and to use it in communication with state and municipal institutions in Latgale region shall be provided.
  • Learning of national history and culture in their mother tongue shall be ensured for national minorities.
  • Latvian national capital shall be preserved and directed primarily towards Latvian citizens. The first step will be to cancel the issuance of residence permits to foreign nationals for purchased real estate in Latvia.
  • Criminal liability for denying the fact of occupation of Latvia and glorification of the occupation regime shall be introduced.


  • We support the progressive personal income tax with a high income threshold for the increased rate. Higher tax rates shall be applied to real estate speculators.
  • The existing pension system must be safeguarded. We will not allow reduction of small and medium-sized pensions. In future, amount of pensions should depend not only on tax amount paid by a person individually but also on taxes paid by his/her children.
  • Financial incentives for entrepreneurs who employ trainees and the unemployed shall be introduced.


  • We support an institution of State President elected in general election, with more responsibility and authority.
  • Support shall be provided for development of the youth guard organisation, strengthening of the Latvia National Guard, students should have opportunities to receive military training.
  • We consider that effect and power of money, as well as impact of third countries' interests to the nation policy of Latvia must be reduced. “Ceiling” of pre-election spending shall be as low as possible. Support must be provided to national and local mass media.


  • We support a modern and up-to-date education system, oriented towards development of personality. That would help Latvia to return on the path of growth, success and self-confidence.
  • National and European funds shall be allocated and directed towards support for industries in the regions of Latvia.
  • Green economy is an important trend for the development of Latvian national economy and it must be better supported. Law on green economy shall be adopted. 

Welfare of citizens, as well as security, justice and Latvian way of living cannot be provided in full value, if emigration and depopulation will continue. Therefore, improvement of the demographic situation is a task of particular importance. Politicians must act keeping in mind this main task. In order to increase the number of Latvian citizens in their homeland, all the means should be used: economic tools including social benefit systems, as well as changes in a society's common values.

* * * *

According with The Saeima Election Law of Latvia (Article 11) this pre-election programme (the campaign platform) has to be submitted to the Central Election committee together with the candidate list.

This document is of limited length as it may not exceed 4,000 charters.