Brief history of the Union "For Fatherland and Freedom" / LNNK

The development of our union goes back to the beginning of 1993, when the Election coalition of national conservative ideology "For Fatherland and Freedom"  was formed and in the elections to the 5th Saeima won 6 seats out of total 100 in the Parliament. During the work of the 5th Saeima the coalition "For Fatherland and Freedom" acted in the opposition while the Government coalition was made by centre-right liberal political forces.

The Conservative Union "For Fatherland and Freedom" was founded in the process of merging of three political organisations - November 18th Alliance, National Union "Tēvzeme" ("Fatherland") and Latvian National Conservative political organisation Union "For Fatherland and Freedom" - on January 21, 1995 with the purpose to take part in the Elections of the 6th Saeima (Parliament of Latvia).

The merging of Conservative Union and another political party of the right wing - LNNK (Latvian National Independence Movement) was a result of alike programmes, ideological basis and values, as well as similar policy of both parties. On June 21, 1997, the united National Conservative political party - the Union "For Fatherland and Freedom"/LNNK (further - TB/LNNK) was founded.