What was “The Latvian Legion"?

A special Commission of Historians of Latvia was established by the former Latvian President
Vaira Vike-Freiberga, and it consists of number of professional historians and also includes a
number of prominent foreign scholars. The main task of the Commission is to study the issue
“Crimes against Humanity Committed in the Territory of Latvia under Two Occupations, 1940 -
1956". It involves work for several years, which is connected both with the need to acquire new
materials from archives as well as the need to acquire a possibly most impartial estimation of
the problems connected with the theme.

In the course of these investigations, the Commission has emphasized that one of the central
problems has been the difference in public perceptions and awareness in these countries and
outside, especially in the West, concerning the severity of Nazi and Soviet crimes.

Please find below several links to the research documents prepared by the Commission.

The Volunteer SS Legion in Latvia,
Dr.habil.hist. Inesis Feldmanis, University of Latvia.
Dr.hist. Kārlis Kangeris, Institute for Baltic Studies, Stockholm University.

The Latvian Legion: the Most Topical Research Problems.
Lecture of Professor I. Feldmanis, University of Latvia.

Latvian Legion Commemoration Day on March 16